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Top 3 Trending Most Interesting Technologies

Top 3 Trending Most Interesting Technologies

Top 3 Trending Most Interesting Technologies To Master In 2022


Recently, Cybercrime has increased dramatically. In 2021, Twitter was hacked and used to obtain Bitcoins. Do you see something wrong with this?
This is the story of the American president on Twitter. It was hacked, and this message was sent from it.


Cyber ​​threats led to $ 6 billion in damage by 2021 alone, making it the largest economic disaster in history.
According to a healthcare report alone, cybersecurity will grow to $ 125 billion by 2025.
If you want to become a cybersecurity expert in the next 6 months, you should start preparing now! Check out  Cybersecurity courses to learn more! Next to this Top 10 Trending Technologies blog, we have a Full Stake development. Find more information from Australian cyber security.


Snowflake is a cloud-based database that draws data from a variety of software, applications, and computing platforms. What makes Snowflake so unique is its ability to scale and store independently! Snowflake has more than 4,900 customers, including 212 Fortune 500, with tons of jobs available on job portals.


The average salary of a Snowflake Datawarehouse Engineer is 15 Lakhs per year in India and $ 125,000 per year in the US.

Are you Confused about how to get started? Check out more information Snowflake  . Next to this Top 10 Trending Technologies blog, we have Edge Computing.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is the practice of capturing, storing, processing and analyzing data near a client, where the data is generated, instead of a central data repository.

The IDC predicts that the global edge computing market will reach $ 250 billion by 2024. The average salary for a cloud engineer is between $ 104,000 in the US and $ 147,000 a year. In India, it is 12 LPA and can be up to 30 LPA.

Edge Computing

In the US, there are 130,000 vacant jobs for Cloud Developers, according to indeed.com. In India, there are 30,000+ vacant jobs for Cloud Engineers.

Start your journey today in becoming a Cloud Engineer; check out our tutorials on Cloud Computing. Next to this Top 10 Trending Technologies blog, we have an Online Behavior.

Internet of Behaviors

Have you ever been in a situation where you were talking about a product with a friend, and you immediately got an ad about it?

If you have ever had that, you are not alone. This type of marketing aims at identifying the right person at the right time for the right product!

Internet Behavior, also known as IoB, refers to the analysis of behavioural data collected on IoT devices around us. Alexa, google homepod, and even your cell phone are examples of IoT devices.

Top 3 Trending Most Interesting Technologies

According to Gartner, about 40% of the population will be tracked by IoT machines by 2023. According to Glassdoor the income of an IoT engineer in India can range from 5 LPA to 16 LPA. In the US, the average annual salary is between $ 110,000 and $ 140,000.

There is no better time to start learning Ioot today! Check out our lessons on IoT, and invest in your future! Next to this Top 10 Trending Technologies blog, we have Predictive Analytics.

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